Benefits of green onions for immunity to the body

Benefits of green onions:
Eating green onions provides the body with many amazing health benefits, especially as it fights diseases.
Green onions prevent disease. It is also considered a nutritional supplement when taken with some foods.
Green onions help protect the body from diseases and boost immunity. It also contributes to slimming and burning fat.
It contains a large proportion of vitamin C. Which helps improve immunity.
Green onions are a vegetable rich in chromium, which helps regulate blood sugar.
Eating green onions reduces inflammation and prevents infection.
Green onions reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood, which maintains heart health.
It contains a high percentage of “vitamin B1”, which is useful in protecting against the accumulation of fats and fats in the body. And it helps to get rid of extra weight.
In addition to its ability to prevent the growth of some tumors completely.
Green onions maintain a healthy digestive system; Because it contains a high amount of dietary fiber. Which is known to help promote digestive health, facilitate digestion, prevent constipation and stomach upset.
Promotes heart health because the high fiber content of green onions contributes significantly to promoting cardiovascular health. By reducing harmful cholesterol levels in the body

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