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Basem Yakhour visits all Levantine food stores in one day .. What did he do?

The Syrian artist, Basem Yakhour, on his official channel on the social networking site YouTube, published a video clip of him touring the famous Levantine foodstuffs in Damascus, where Basem began his journey, starting with “Tamari Kaak” and then pastry and pastry shops in Old Levant as well as He visited shops selling shawarma and shops selling juices and fruit salad, followed by a visit to a store that sells “broasted chicken”, as well as stores that sell “sprouted beans” and “cactus”, and finally he visited a shop selling sheep heads, sausages and makadim, which is a popular meal in Damascus.


The video was not without the well-known comedian Bassem confirmed at the end of the video that all the food that was more than needed was properly disposed of.

Basim pointed out that these foods are popular, and whoever visits Damascus will definitely eat it.

On the other hand, and at the technical level, Bassem is spending a vacation period with his family after the end of the Ramadan season, in which he participated in the series “Ali Saneh Hot”, which achieved great success.

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