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Ayman Zaidan, I swear to God, I’m fine

Syrian artist Ayman Zidan denied the news that spread through social media about his death.
The Syrian star also posted, through his personal account on the social networking site “Facebook”, a picture of him smiling, and attached it to a comment that said: By God Almighty, I am fine….Shit with ridiculous death rumors, which I do not understand why they are being promoted.
Ayman’s post received a great deal of interaction from a large number of his colleagues, who wished him well, happiness and lasting health.
The Syrian star, Ayman Zidan, had suffered from the spread of the rumor of his death more than once during the past few years, before he came out and denied it more than once.
Ayman had attended last season in the series “Al-Kandoush”, which is expected to be present in the second part of it in Ramadan 2022, in addition to having recorded a special presence in the series “Khareef Al-Ashaab” directed by Joud Saeed.

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