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At expense of Saudi… America is developing its military bases there

Coinciding with the Pentagon announcement that the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier had left the Gulf after spending several months in its waters, America, at Saudi Arabia’s expense, began developing its military bases in western Saudi Arabia as emergency logistical bases for supplies.

In a press statement, US Central Command spokesman “Centcom” Bill Urban said that the plan to prepare supply and logistics bases was formulated after an attack by cruise missiles and drones on the Saudi capital, Riyadh. In western Saudi Arabia, which will serve as logistical emergency bases for supplies.

He added that the Saudi leadership had paid for the improvements made to the bases, saying, “This is an emergency scheme for measures that would ensure safe access for the army, and it should not be interpreted as an increase in the American presence in the region.”

bases include King Fahd Port, King Faisal Air Base in Tabuk and King Fahd Base in Taif.


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