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Apple sets a condition for the return of Parler to its store

The American “Apple” company agreed to return the “Parler” application to its online store for applications, but set a condition for applying this approval.

Speaking on the subject, Tim Cook, the head of the technology giant, said that what made “Apple” suspend the “Parler” application was its incitement to violence, before the events of the storming of the Capitol building in Washington, DC.

The president of the “Apple” company confirmed that his company would welcome the return of the “Parler” application to its store, on the condition that those in charge of it make reforms to their policy in supervising the contents, and if this is achieved, they can return to the “Apple” online store.

Tracking sites showed that the conservative social network, Parler, was forced to go offline on Monday, after Amazon warned that the company would lose access to its servers for failing to properly monitor violent content.

The popularity of the “Parler” website has increased in recent weeks, becoming the first free application in the “Apple” app store after Twitter banned US President Donald Trump.

And messages of support for the storming of the Capitol Building in Washington, DC, along with calls for new demonstrations, spread on the platform, prompting Google to remove it from its application store, followed by “Apple”.

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