Amazing benefits of ground thyme with sesame

Thyme has many benefits for human health, as does sesame, thanks to the volatile natural oils … so what if they combined together?
Eating thyme and sesame guarantees the strengthening of immunity and the maintenance of health, and each has its own benefits, and the benefits increase if they are combined.
1- One of the benefits of ground thyme with sesame is that it strengthens the human immune system.
2- Ground thyme with sesame strengthens the muscles, including the heart muscle.
3- Ground thyme and sesame prevents clogging of the arteries.
4- One of the benefits of ground thyme with sesame is that it stimulates memory, because it is mixed with sesame, and it helps with intelligence, so it is recommended to give it to children.
5- Ground thyme with sesame kills germs in the body, and it also removes fungi.
6- Ground thyme with sesame strengthens the roots of the hair, which reduces its loss, and increases its strength and elasticity.
7- Thyme contains antioxidants that help prevent various types of cancer.
8- Ground thyme and sesame protect the teeth from decay. You can also rinse them by adding ground thyme to a little clove to relieve tooth pain and gum infections.
9- Thyme is considered an aperitif and is important for children who do not eat much.
10- It is useful for diabetics and protects them from glaucoma in the eye. You can add some ground thyme to a cup of boiling water, cover it, and then drink it for those suffering from respiratory diseases.
11- Useful for kidney stones.
12- Anthelmintic.
13- It is a diuretic and thus helps the body get rid of toxins and waste products.


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