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Agencies: Three Syrian brothers were arrested in Germany and Denmark, who had planned a terrorist act

The authorities in Germany and Denmark have arrested three Syrians on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack and possessing chemical materials and leaflets glorifying the terrorist organization “ISIS”.

According to German media, the authorities managed to arrest the suspects after an online purchase order from Poland submitted by a 33-year-old Syrian living in Denmark. He requested to buy 5 kg of sulfur and 5 kg of aluminum powder and send it to his brother’s address in Dessau, Germany.

As a result, German police conducted searches at the aforementioned address, and found explosives and ISIS flags.

competent authorities arrested the Syrian person who completed the purchase process in Denmark, where he was with his brother, and found chemicals in the possession of the two brothers (one of them resides in Dessau-Rosslau, eastern Germany), and the third brother was arrested in the city of Ditzenbach, in the German state of Hesse.

location of the suspects’ terrorist attack has not been reported


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