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After Washington’s denial, this is what Tehran revealed about prisoners ’agreement

After the announcement and exile, and the arrival of an agreement to free the prisoners and the money freed by the Iranian media to denials issued by the US State Department, an official statement was issued by the Iranian authorities on the matter.

According to the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations Majid Takht Rawanchi, the clarification came, saying that his country “does not confirm the news of the agreement on a prisoner exchange deal between Iran and the United States.”

“Tehran always stresses the comprehensive exchange of prisoners between the two countries,” Rawanchi said, without any further explanation.

It is noteworthy that Iranian TV previously reported that Tehran and Washington had reached an agreement to implement a prisoner exchange deal in the form of four for four, with the United States releasing seven billion dollars of frozen Iranian funds, which the US State Department rushed to deny, so Iran returned its statements and also denies it


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