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A woman comes back to life, how?

An Indian family who lost her 60-year-old aunt after contracting Covid 19 was surprised when the woman appeared in front of the house alive and seemed to be in good health, two weeks after her funeral.
Doctors had informed Muktiala Jirijama’s family, in the middle of last month, that she had died of infection with the “SARS Cove 2” virus, but they did not allow them to see her due to the conditions of the epidemic and the restrictions of social separation.

Her relatives were only allowed to look at the body, wrapped in a plastic sheet, from a distance. Her nephew told local newspapers that when they tried to visit her at the Vijayawada Government General Hospital in India, they were told she had died.
He continued by saying:
The doctor on duty, my uncle, did not tell that day that she had been transferred to another ward, and told him that she had died of the infection.
He continued, “We believed it, and went to the morgue to receive her body, which later turned out to be the body of another woman. But we could not verify at that time because it was wrapped, so we took her home and performed the last rites.”
The family cremated the body after receiving it, and was due to perform the final farewell ceremony, when Muktiala Jirijama arrived home alive and well.

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