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A whirlwind storms Iranian interior … and reason is a leak !!

It seems that the audio leakage crisis of Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif will not go unnoticed, nor will it be a passing summer cloud. Rather, its whirlwind is expanding outside its cup to solve its curse on the Iranian political house.

Note that Zarif complained in the leaked recording in his voice about the influence of the Revolutionary Guards on Iran’s diplomacy, saying that his influence in Iranian foreign policy is “zero.”

leaked recording, which sheds rare light on the relationship between the government and the powerful Revolutionary Guards, angered conservatives in Iran, who described the leak as an “act of espionage”. Several lawmakers demanded Zarif’s resignation.

authorities said the recording was part of a broader project with government officials and produced for keeping in state records and was not intended for publication, and the Iranian president, Hassan Rouhani, replaced the head of the state-run research center in charge of conducting the interview, Husamuddin Ashna, and appointed Ali Rabiei. The government spokesman, Makan Ashna, who was present during the 7-hour interview with Zarif, is also working as an advisor to the president.

Iranian authorities imposed a ban on 35 people leaving the country for their involvement in “gathering information that is considered a state secret” in the leakage case


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