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A surprise about the Brotherhood’s leaders in Turkey

A high-level Egyptian intelligence source said that Turkey is ready to hold a tripartite meeting between Turkish, Egyptian and Libyan officials to reach understandings on contentious issues in Libya, including the presence of foreign fighters.
For its part, the Turkish delegation informed the Egyptian side that Ankara cannot hand over the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, whom Egypt is requesting to extradite, explaining that most of these leaders now have legal residence in Turkey and work

Turkey is trying to repair relations with Arab countries allied with the United States, including Egypt, and the Egyptian response has so far been cautious about Turkish initiatives.
The talks, which were held over two days, led by the two foreign ministers, were the first public meeting at a high level between the two countries after years of disagreement over conflicting positions on political Islam and a dispute over sovereignty and rights in the eastern Mediterranean waters.
The Turkish side said that Turkey still opposes declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a “terrorist” group in Egypt, even though it had previously asked the Egyptian opposition operating on its territory to mitigate criticism of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.
On a comment by Turkish Vice President Fuad Aktay, he said that Ankara is completely open to improving its relations with all countries in the region, not just Egypt.
Moving together by Egypt and Turkey will make important contributions to peace and development in the region. God willing, we will see that in the coming period. “

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