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A surprise about Biden’s envoy to Iran, a “Syrian Jew” !!

US President Joe Biden announced the appointment of veteran diplomat and Middle East expert Robert Malley as his representative for Iranian affairs, but the American media exploded a surprise about the origins of the new envoy, Robert Malley, that he is the son of the leftist journalist, Egyptian-born and Jewish of Aleppo, Simon Malley, one of the advocates of world issues. Third and anti-colonialism.

According to agencies, Mali, the father, was born in Cairo to a Syrian Jewish family from the Syrian city of Aleppo, who lived in modest conditions, and after graduating from high school, he became a journalist and was sent by an Egyptian newspaper to cover the news of the United Nations in New York City, where he met his American wife Barbara, and Mali’s father supported the revolution of Jamal Abd Al-Nasser in Egypt in 1952, and Nasser appointed him as the representative of the Egyptian daily Al-Gomhouria newspaper in New York City.

As for Mali, the son, appointed today as Biden’s delegate, he has studied at a number of the most prestigious universities in the world, as he is a graduate of Harvard and Yale universities in the Americas, where he was a classmate of former President Barack Obama, and published many research papers and studies jointly with the researcher at Oxford University Hussein Agha that dealt with issues and problems of the East. Al-Awsat, including “Camp David and the tragedy of mistakes,” “recent negotiations,” “three men in one boat,” “Hamas and the dangers of power,” and the “Arab counter-revolution.”

Robert Malley speaks English, French and Arabic, and he is not far from the Iranian file, as he led the American side of his position as diplomatic advisor to former President Barack Obama, in the negotiations that led to the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program in 2015.


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