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A partnership between “Google” and “Ford” to produce Internet cars

Ford and Google have entered into a six-year deal that makes the technology giant responsible for a large part of the growing connectivity feature inside the US automaker’s cars, and will also provide cloud computing and other technical services.

According to the announcement, the partnership is designed to simplify Ford’s operations and accelerate the ongoing restructuring plan of $ 11 billion. It represents a major transformation for the automaker, which has spent hundreds of millions annually to develop and maintain such systems.

Under the agreement, Google will get a new prominent customer for its cloud computing technology, which lags behind its competitors, “Amazon” and “Microsoft”.

Note that the deal is not exclusive, as it allows the two companies to use other cloud services or existing Ford data centers.

Under the agreement, Ford and Lincoln cars will support the Android operating system and use Google’s help, maps and online store from 2023. Google’s cloud services will also enable other types of services.


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