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A new scandal for Kim Kardashian

Workers at the home of the American star, Kim Kardashian, revealed new secrets about what they are exposed to in her home, including her extreme stinginess and lack of commitment to pay their monthly salaries, according to what they say
That she, Kim did not pay the necessary expenses for the workers in her home in California, USA, or provide legal breaks for workers who clean and maintain the house, as they alleged in a lawsuit.

The seven plaintiffs did not mention the dollar figure they were seeking to obtain from Kim, and said: “The matter is in dispute, except for interest exceeding $ 25,000,” according to the civil lawsuit that was filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.
The workers accused Kim of withholding 10% of their salaries for taxes, and the lawsuit, filed by Los Angeles attorney Frank Kim, said that the plaintiffs had not received any salaries.
“They were not paid in the usual pay periods, they did not receive their meals and the required rest times, there was no means of recording all their working hours, they were not paid all overtime wages, and their wages were not paid to them upon termination of work.”
Kim Kardashian, 40, runs a media, cosmetics and apparel empire, and earlier this year, she was included in the billionaire list for the first time.
And the last statistic for the Kardashian fortune is $ 900 million

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