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A mysterious murder in France

A new murder case shook the French street,

in which a 16-year-old teenager was killed, after he was stabbed in the Gili neighborhood in the coastal city of Montpellier in southeastern France.

According to the French media, the young man passed away immediately after receiving a fatal stab in the chest in a dark street, while the killer managed to escape.

The French media quoted security sources as saying that “the investigation will be complicated given the timing of the incidents, the location, and the absence of public surveillance cameras.”

While other sources suggested the possibility of a rivalry between the perpetrator and the victim, especially since the neighborhood in which the crime took place has been witnessing security tensions for days, against the backdrop of rivalries and murders related to the drug trade.

Security sources do not exclude any hypothesis, so far, in the absence of witnesses and evidence to clarify the circumstances of the crime.

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