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A heinous crime shaking Syria … and the victim is a mother!

The Syrian Ministry of Interior announced a crime that shook the Syrian street, due to its atrocity.
In a statement, the Ministry said that the Sharia Police Department in Hama received a notification of the existence of the body of a woman in an apartment in the Abi Al-Fida neighborhood in the Syrian city of Hama, and she was slaughtered.
They saw the body of a woman in her fourth decade of life slaughtered with blood around her.

According to the statement, and through the investigation and gathering of information, it was revealed that there were differences between the victim and her son named (Nabil. I) regarding her accusation of killing his father, so he was suspected. Crime tool in his uncle’s house.

The statement confirmed that the crime tool was found with traces of blood, and investigations are still continuing with the arrested
To uncover all the circumstances of the crime.


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