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A crisis between Saad Al-Majarid and Muhammad Ramadan.

Yesterday, the song “Insai” was removed from the management of the “YouTube” platform, from the private channel of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, after his refusal to pay the proceeds from the views he owed for the benefit of the Moroccan artist, Saad Al-Majred.
Muhammad Ramadan, according to what has been circulated, has violated one of the terms of the contract signed between him and Saad Al-Majd. He guarantees the latter a percentage of the profits of the views of the song that was agreed to be broadcast on the private channel of Ramadan, which reached about 318 million views.
Saad Al-Majdar’s administration contacted, in a friendly manner, with the administration of Muhammad Ramadan’s works to obtain the dues of its artist, but Muhammad Ramadan refused to respect the terms of the contract previously concluded between him and the abstract.
Saad Al-Majdar’s business administration obtained a decision to withdraw the song through its Egyptian lawyer, who took legal methods to defend the rights of his client, Saad al-Majd.

The song itself was previously censored two years ago
The same spokesman explained that “Insai’s clip” has achieved 170 million views, and the song “Ansai” is the first collaboration between “Al-Muallem” and “Al-Ostoura”, which is composed and composed by Saad Al-Majd, in which he sings in the Moroccan dialect, while Ramadan sings the Egyptian dialect. Under the supervision of director Hussam Al-Husseini.

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