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A crime shaking France !!

French police

and the legal system have received widespread criticism, after a woman was killed by her former partner, as the woman died after a man shot her before pouring a flammable liquid on her and setting her on fire. The suspect (41 years) was imprisoned on charges of domestic violence last year, and the woman was charged again last March. For her part, Anne Cecile Melfert, president of the Fundación de Femme, for women’s rights, said that the murder showed problems in monitoring and prosecuting convicted violent offenders, and she asked how the suspect was able to obtain a pistol given his previous record. The “No Tut” (all of us) coalition, a coalition of women’s organizations, stated that the crime could have been prevented. The man was arrested after the incident, which occurred on Tuesday in the municipality of Merignac, near Bordeaux. According to the investigations, the suspect wanted to punish the woman, who is a mother of three, because she had a lover, and the interrogators stated that he did not want to kill her

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