A bottle of wine from space .. at a fantastic price !!

This week,

Christie’s auction house in Britain announced the offer of a bottle of French wine that has been on board the International Space Station for more than a year, for sale for an amount that could reach about one million dollars. According to Christy, a bottle of “Petros 2000” wine was offered for sale, which is one of 12 bottles that were sent into space in November 2019, for researchers to explore the possibility of cultivation outside the planet, and the bottles returned 14 months later and witnessed a slight change. According to wine connoisseurs who sampled it in France. According to Christie’s International Director of Wine and Spirits, Tim Tibbetre, “wine released in space” matured in a unique environment “similar to zero gravity on board the station.” Space-based startup Space Cargo Unlimited sent wine into space in November 2019, as part of an effort to make plants on Earth more resistant to climate change and disease by exposing them to new pressures. The researchers also want to better understand the process of ripening, fermentation and bubble formation in wine under conditions of weightlessness in cosmic space

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