7 fat burning drinks

Keep drinking fat-burning drinks that dissolve body fat

Ginger, green tea, cumin and mint:


p>This drink is one of the most famous and effective drinks in the world of burning body fat
Green tea :
Scientific studies have proven that drinking one cup of green tea daily for a week is enough to burn reduced fats in the body at a rate ranging from 35% to 45%.
ice water:
Drinking about ten glasses of ice water a day helps the body burn between 250 to 500 calories, and the reason is that drinking ice water will make your body burn calories until the water temperature becomes the same as body temperature.
Boiled lemon and orange
Drink two cups daily of a mixture of boiled lemon and orange
skimmed milk
The benefits of drinking skim milk, that the calcium it contains enhances fat burning intensely. People who keep drinking skim milk, at a rate of one cup per day, burn fat effectively by about 70% compared to their counterparts who do not drink milk.
Kiwi and pineapple juice
Consuming kiwi and pineapple juice daily for 15 days helps the body lose weight significantly if accompanied by a commitment to exercise and a healthy diet.
boiled parsley
Boil a bunch of parsley and then drink its juice daily. This drink will give you a feeling of satiety in addition to its many benefits.

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