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45-year-old Apple computer for sale at an incredible price

A person put up an original Apple computer for sale at a price of £ 1.1 million ($ 1.5 million) and was made by hand when Apple launched from the garage of Steve Jobs’ father’s home in Mountain View, California, and was released in April 1976 by the founders of Apple. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak.

Note that the computer offered for sale is one of only 6 devices that are still working from the “Apple-1” model, indicating that its case is made of solid “koi” wood, which is the only one owned by the private sector. The other five devices are in museums

sale of the computer includes an old Sony TV-115 TV set, which served as the computer screen that Jobs himself recommended. In his statement, the owner of the device, Krishna Blake, residing in the United States, who obtained it in 1978, said: “This piece of original technology is now a masterpiece that can be obtained, and can never be replaced.”

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