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Syrian refugees are under threat

A number of Syrian asylum seekers in Denmark have revealed concerns about their deportation to a “third country”, such as Rwanda, after the passage of a law allowing the opening of centers to which asylum seekers are sent throughout the processing of their papers, and even after that, in other countries such as Rwanda or Eritrea.
It seems that the Danish government is determined to implement the policy of “zero asylum requests”. After the security situation in Damascus has become good
Denmark’s steps on the issue of asylum were expected since Matthias Tesfaye, the Danish Minister of Immigration and Integration, announced his country’s rejection of the European agreement, which called for distributing refugees arriving in Europe among the European Union countries. The announcement coincided with the issuance of deportation decisions.
There are more than 250 Syrian cases awaiting the decision of the Refugee Grievance Board in Denmark, and the Danish government found itself in an embarrassing situation
The Danish center-left government is currently pursuing one of the most strict immigration policy in Europe, which includes withdrawing residency from some Syrians, considering the areas from which they come are safe, tightening a counter-law aimed at setting a ceiling on the number of “non-Western” residents in neighborhoods, and adopting an official goal that stipulates By achieving “zero immigrants”.
No country has agreed at the present time to receive the project, but the government confirms that it is in talks with five to ten countries, which it did not specify.
Only 761 people were granted asylum in 2019, and this number fell to 600 in 2020, compared to more than ten thousand in 2015. This means that the proportion of refugee reception to the total population in Denmark is ten times lower than in neighboring Germany and Sweden. ,

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