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Elisa talks about her retirement decision

The Lebanese singer Elisa revealed her psychological state that had previously prompted her to announce her decision to retire from singing, confirming that she was going through a difficult psychological period, which she would not be able to talk about, indicating that at this time, her decision was that she would not be able to sing again, and she wrote that through her account on ” Twitter “..

During an interview on MTV channel to celebrate 20 years of her singing career, she confirmed that she had found a great reaction from the audience and artists, and thanked everyone who supported her during this period.

Pointing out that when she made this decision, there was no dispute with Rotana. Rather, she decided to retire and then retreated to announce that she will take on the challenge of production for herself, which is her next step, and then she will see what happens ..

It is noteworthy that Elissa released her album “Sahibat Rai”, in early August, on all electronic platforms. The album included 18 songs, 12 of them in the Egyptian dialect, 5 in the Lebanese dialect, and one song in the French language, the song Mourir sur scène.



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