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Do you see love dying?

I asked her, “Do you see love is dying … and farewell to its friends and those around him are present.”

Memories pass like rain … and your memories tape is squeezing my heart 

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He was alive when your eyes looked … Now he walks touching the air and the stone

The tears sank into eyes until they receded … that well and what was around it ceased to exist

By God, what have you done to a heart that has broken off … It was thin and still is but it broke

One day he was filled with your love until it exploded … you know that he cannot bend your gaze

I see you when you remember me and my days … Do you remember the heart or what for it was broken

Years have passed, its nights have passed … We will not feel old without abandonment

I ask you, Lord, to take back what was broken … and fill it with your love, not the love of people

You might say why all this chatter … I told you in the first line that it was dying


Janette Alkousa

The pen is her constant friend, and through some of her writings she gained the trust of Mr. Tannous, who saw in her the right person, as he found her cultural distinction and believed that she would complete a thirty-year-old cultural career. As for the principle that it chose to complement it (far from politics, close to home).

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