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Disclosure of the marriage document of Souad Hosni and Abdel Halim

The issue of the black nightingale and Cinderella’s marriage still preoccupies the media and the public, despite the passage of years since the death of both parties.

Note that Muhammad Shabana, the son of the late Abdel Halim Hafez’s brother, confirmed in several statements that Nightingale did not marry the artist Suad Hosni, saying that he owned tapes with his voice and did not mention anything in it, while Cinderella’s sister Ganjah Abdel Moneim revealed in 2016 that Suad Hosni married Abdul Al-Halim got married under a document edited in 1960.

And again, this story returns to the forefront after it was raised by Mai Al-Eidan, the Kuwaiti media, who published today on her personal account a picture of a common-law marriage contract between Nightingale and Cinderella, and commented, saying: “The marriage contract of Souad Hosni and Abdel Halim Hafez .. they divorced a common-law married couple.”



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