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Details of Vienna’s bloody night

A bloody night in Vienna, with an armed attack that it had never witnessed before, and shooting took place in 6 areas of the Austrian capital, after an attack targeting a synagogue in the city center.

The videos showed scenes of exchange of fire, after the attack on the main synagogue in the city of Stadtmühl, when one of the attackers blew himself up, and other attackers fled while carrying weapons while the police pursued them, with an exchange of fire in several locations, and the information mentioned that one of the attackers was injured. The authorities confirmed that it was a terrorist attack.

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Niehammer, during a press conference after the attack, described the attacker who was killed by the police during the attack as an “Islamic terrorist who sympathized with ISIS,” stressing that he was wearing an explosive belt and had a rifle, and said: “We witnessed an attack yesterday evening by one Islamic terrorist. At least, Austria has not witnessed such an attack in decades. “

The Austrian Ministry of the Interior announced the killing of 4 civilians and the terrorist attacker, while about 15 others were injured, indicating that it expanded the search area for terrorists, and it does not exclude that they managed to leave Vienna.



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