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Corona casts a shadow over the inauguration of the new president

Although the general atmosphere in Washington, as well as the rest of the United States, is preoccupied with the days of the presidential election and the vote, there is a team preoccupied with the details of the inauguration ceremony of the new U.S. president, especially in the context of the Corona pandemic, which is already revealed by the preparations under way at the White House in preparation for the january 20 th, 20th anniversary of the inauguration of the new U.S. president as defined by the Constitution.
Media leaks spread about the preparations of the day, confirming that helicopters are planned to fly at low altitude in the skies of Washington under tight security precautions, noting that the Joint Congressional Committee for inauguration sit-ins voted to hold the inauguration ceremony on the west side of the Capitol.
According to a spokesman for the committee, preparations are under way with the study of reducing the size of the concert due to “Corona”.
The architect of the Capitol building has begun designing the opening platform, which can accommodate more than 1,600 people, including the president, vice president, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, the outgoing president and vice president, and the stands above the podium accommodate an additional 1,000 people.
Although preparations for the ceremony are in full swing, it is not yet known whether the ceremony will be cancelled, whether it will be held amid specific health procedures or a commitment to muzzles. It’s something no one can say for now, and it seems that Corona is the only one who’s going to determine it.



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