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Chloe Kardashian raises controversy with Cleopatra’s costume

Chloe Kardashian, the younger sister of Kim Kardashian, published her new photos, which sparked an avalanche of criticism and negative comments.

Chloe appeared in the Cleopatra uniform, “a golden uniform consisting of a bra, a long skirt with a high opening, high heel sandals, and huge earrings and a crown on her head.” Her daughter True and her father, the basketball player Tressan Thompson, appeared with her.

The reality TV star met a stinging attack as she compared herself to the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, and the participants accused her of cultural appropriation (the concept according to which is a metaphor or use of elements of a culture by members of another culture is a negative phenomenon), and activists said, that she has no right to call herself Cleopatra, because she is Not Egyptian. In their opinion, it insulted the people of Egypt in this way.

Some commented: “Chloe, you and Tristan Festival”, “This is yours!” “My culture is not your stupid costume,” “Since when did you become Egyptian?” Others wrote, “Better to wear a clown costume” and “Most likely, you will have Delete this post, because your clothes are constantly problematic, and your photos are offensive.



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