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Brazil’s president shocks his people because of Corona: “There is no point in running away … we will all die”

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro made shocking statements, complaining about the global general situation with the Corona pandemic that killed about 163,000 people in Brazil.

Bolsonaro’s statements came during a press conference, where he reduced the risks of the Corona virus, despite the fact that the Corona death rate in Brazil is the second in the world after the United States of America, saying: “Sorry for the victims who died, but we will all die someday. There is no point in escaping.”

Adding: “Brazilians can play with sewage water and not catch any infection.”

Bolsonaro’s shocking statements come within the framework of a long series of similar statements in which he always reduces the seriousness of the new Corona, despite his personal infection with the virus, last July, he announced that he had been infected with Corona, but he said, “Looking at the athlete’s past, I will not worry, I will not feel anything, At worst, it’s like a simple flu. “

In his speech, Bolsonaro touched on the gay issue, using the Portuguese word “maricas”, which is an offensive “vulgar” term, and said, “We shouldn’t be a bisexual country.”



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