Beware of these behaviors when infected with “Corona”

The Russian doctor, Gleb Glebov, warned those showing symptoms of the Coronavirus to do several things.

According to the doctor’s words when the senses of smell and taste disappear, there is no need to panic, and fear that the condition will worsen, because most of the patients who show these signs have mild disease, as it is a protective function of the body (protecting the brain from the effects of Covid-19).

He pointed out that you should refrain from artificially stimulating these senses for the first two weeks, that is, you should not smell strong odors, such as fragrant oils and inhalation of alcohol solutions, as this could aggravate the matter.

The doctor also indicated that it is not necessary to resort to treatments that depend on introducing different solutions into the blood at a certain concentration, since this does not work with “Covid-19”, but rather could cause additional damage to the lung tissue and the brain.

The doctor advised Corona patients to limit the consumption of sweets, as many doctors noticed an increase in blood sugar after the disease, most likely due to damage to the vessels of the pancreatic gland, or taking a large amount of antibiotics, which leads to pancreatitis.



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