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At an American request, a high-ranking Lebanese official visits Syria

After the American newspaper “Washington Post” revealed last month a visit by a prominent Lebanese official to Washington, during which he met with senior American officials to try to resolve some of the outstanding issues between the American administration and the Damascus government. The newspaper confirmed at the time that the visit was at the invitation of the administration of US President Donald Trump with the aim of pushing Fragile negotiations with the Syrian government started by Trump earlier this year.

Lebanese media reported today that Major General Abbas Ibrahim, Director General of Public Security in Lebanon, went to Damascus after his visit to Washington, as part of “an effort to release the American citizen Austin Tice, who is being held in Syria.”

The Lebanese “Al-Jadid” channel quoted Major General Ibrahim as saying: “After my visit to Washington, I visited Syria for two days, and the research on the issue of Austin Tice did not stop and will not stop. His mother promised that the issue of sanctions will not prevent me from completing her son’s file.”

It is noteworthy that US President Donald Trump has adopted the case of Tice, a freelance journalist and former officer in the US Marine Corps, who disappeared while practicing his journalistic work in Syria in 2012, which prompted the Trump administration to seek the help of the Lebanese brigade to intervene and release the journalist.



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