Astronomy and horoscopes predictions for Sunday, November 08, 2020


No one can stop you today. You are with your full intellectual and physical energy and you have many achievements that await you.


Astronomy advises you to postpone the fateful decisions until the beginning of next week, because you will not get what you want, especially today.

Gemini :

Lots of fortunes await while you are in the best mood and have an intellectual horizon that astonishes those around you.


There is nothing wrong with some calm after the many work you have done in the previous days, relax and wait for the right times to maneuver.


A smile and optimism will never leave you. You have the appropriate astrological support to carry out your projects and find appropriate solutions to the outstanding problems.


The weekend may not be appropriate for your ambitions, but don’t worry, these obstacles will not last long. Happy surprises await you in the coming week.


The stress of the past days will not put you in the shoes of the attacker and the mood, calm your emotions so that you do not lose the chances to come.


The sun still supports your position despite some occasional challenges. Conditions are ripe for success, no matter how strong the opponent is.


You still have success with you despite the accumulation of work. You have a lot of tasks to do and nothing in front of you to hinder you.


The tension that exhausted you in the past two days still threatens your calm, and the astrology advises you not to give in to anger because you may put yourself in embarrassing situations.


You achieved a lot of accomplishments in the past week, just as good fortunes await you today. Astronomy advises you to use your time because it is the most appropriate to solve the outstanding issues.


Slow answers do not mean your failure at all, so do not enter the stage of pessimism at the first obstacle, astronomers advise you not to create problems with your partner.


Janette Alkousa

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