Astronomy and horoscopes predictions for Saturday November 21, 2020

Today you feel satisfied and that your efforts at work are not wasted. You will gain profits and appreciation and you may get a reward or promotion in your work. Beware of neglecting your health in the coming period, as you need a rest and relaxation.

Today you are surrounded by the problems that you have made yourself, beware of obstinacy in any situation, admit your mistakes and try to fix what can be fixed, as this may help you regain the confidence of those around you, learn from your mistakes and try to focus on your work seriously.

Your beloved personality and wooing everyone will support you in the next stage, but beware of isolation and introversion under the influence of your bad mood, take advantage of the opportunities coming to you well and do not waste them, as they may not be repeated again.

You may face some obstacles in your work, lose your enthusiasm for work, do not stop at something you will skilfully skip this, and you are on the verge of a promising stage in your work after the recession that you suffered from, beware of neglecting your health and try to seek the advice of a doctor.

Today you are trying to get away from the pressures surrounding you and strive to focus all your attention on new plans for work, beware of some of those around you, as your confidence may be out of place, do not rush to grant your confidence and friendliness to others.

Today, you are busy with work, and put new plans to walk on it, make clear efforts and will soon reap the fruits, your career progresses and may have great support, but beware of being busy with work and neglecting your family and close people.

You are preparing for a distinguished stage professionally and on a personal level, try to prove your competence at work and restore the confidence of the supporters. Beware of hastening any step you take to develop the work and try to consult with specialists.

You recently appeared to be an “expert” in keeping friends away from you. Today, you are trying to plan to get them back, but it is a difficult task. You may be able to get a new friend. Beware of your interaction with everyone and you deny the favor of others’ help for you.

A day for critical decisions, you may have to make important decisions regarding money and work. Beware of emotion and haste, as you are entering a tense stage in your life on all levels, but you will overcome it with the help of a close relative.

Today you struggle to control the course of your day that is not without quarrels and confrontations, you may have to defend yourself and explain a misunderstanding that occurred with co-workers, be careful not to ignore any problem, even if it is small, try to solve the problems on time.

Today, you focus all your thinking and put your effort into work, but you may be exposed to some provocation from colleagues. Beware of entering into any argument or quarrels and ignore everything that is going on around you, and continue planning for your work, as the next stage is promising for you and your efforts will not be lost.

You feel enthusiastic about new plans at work, you may achieve gains, try new ways of working, beware of taking risks and remember that you must preserve the gains that you recently obtained.



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