Astronomy and horoscopes predictions for Friday November 20, 2020

You enjoy a stable period at work, achieve unexpected gains and profits, and assume new responsibilities that increase your burdens, beware of laziness and dependence on anyone during the coming period, so that you do not lose all that you have earned.

A somewhat thorny day, you may be exposed to provocation and disagreements with those around and at work, beware of exaggerating matters and being drawn into problems with co-workers, you must be patient, otherwise your loss will be great.

Today, new plans occupy you for work, and you seem absent-minded even in close friends’ sessions. Beware of neglecting your health during this period and move away from negative thoughts and prepare for the next stage of changes.

You feel exhausted and tired, and you need a lot of rest, try to regain your activity as soon as possible and do not neglect your health, and beware of negative thoughts controlling you, as the next stage promises practical and personal achievements.

Today you are trying to restore your calm, your self-confidence, and you are struggling to resolve the disputes that others have implicated you. Beware of granting your confidence easily and prepare for the next stage as you are on a date with new changes, pay attention to your health condition.

Today, you will be able to reach realistic solutions to your financial problems, and take the first steps and may have the support of a close relative. Beware of falling into financial problems again as you still pay the bills of your previous obligations.

Today you feel annoyed by someone being superior to you, work to develop yourself during the next stage, and beware of wasting opportunities coming to you that will help you solve all problems.

Today you are facing the result of your wrong actions and you find yourself in a great financial dilemma as a result of your unnecessary expenses. Beware of your continued dependence on others by solving your problems and always borrowing from others, you will find yourself in a big dilemma.

You live a quiet day away from the usual problems, and you notice that all your obligations are easy to accomplish at all levels. You may receive unexpected financial support, but beware of how you spend it and do not over-spend.

Today you are preoccupied with business ideas and are thinking of ways to earn money as soon as possible. Beware of haste and temporary successes, you have to be patient and work hard to achieve real gains and successes.

You may find yourself today having to plan your upcoming expenditures and set a schedule for expenses. You are still in the stage of financial stability, but beware of going too far in the coming period.

You may face today a misunderstanding with those around or who support your work, you need a clear view of things and beware of making any hasty decision. You should study all possibilities during the coming days before taking any step.



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