Artificial intelligence to help diabetics

Researchers and doctors have designed a method to help people with type 1 diabetes better manage their glucose levels. The method relies on artificial intelligence and machine monitoring.
According to the “Science Daily” website, researchers and doctors at the University of Oregon of America for Health and Sciences have designed, using artificial intelligence and machine monitoring, a way to help people with type 1 diabetes better manage their glucose levels.
Lead author of the study Nicole Tyler, MD, said: “The design of our system is unique. We designed the entire AI algorithm using a mathematical simulator but when the algorithm was validated on real data from people with type 1 diabetes, recommendations were generated that were Very similar to the recommendations of endocrinologists, this is important because diabetics usually take three to six months between appointments with the endocrinologist. “
The algorithm developed by the University of Oregon scientists uses data gathered from a continuous glucose monitor and wireless insulin pens to provide guidance on adjustments.
The new study included monitoring 16 people with type 1 diabetes over a period of four weeks, and the results indicated that the model could help reduce hypoglycemia, or low glucose, because if these conditions were left untreated, it could cause hypoglycemia in Blood coma or death.

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