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An explosion targets a Russian patrol in Syria

Russian military patrols in Syria are exposed to many attacks and accidents that have claimed the lives of many Russian soldiers in the Syrian regions, and today the deputy head of the Russian Reconciliation Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Commodore Alexander Grinkevich, announced that an explosive device exploded in the course of a Russian military police patrol. Resulted in light material damage to one of the armor. “

He explained: “During the conduct of a joint patrol with the Syrian security authorities on the Izraa – Sahwa al-Qamh route in Daraa Governorate, southern Syria, an explosion occurred in the Al-Musayfirah area, and a Tigger armored vehicle of the Russian Military Police sustained light material damage and remained Able to move, and none of the Russian soldiers was injured. “

He continued, “All the Russian military vehicles and soldiers returned safely to their stationing point, and the leadership of the Russian forces in Syria, in cooperation with the Syrian security services, opened an investigation into the incident.”



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