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An attack on Saudi Arabia and a fire near an oil platform

Saudi Arabia announced that it had been subjected to a new attack by the Yemeni “Ansar Allah” group, and the Saudi Ministry of Energy said that a fire broke out near the floating unloading platform of the petroleum products distribution station in Jizan, after the destruction of two remote-controlled booby-trapped boats launched by the “Ansar Allah” group. .

She explained that the fire broke out in the hoses floating on the platform, and it was dealt with according to the applicable rules, pointing out that there were no injuries or loss of life.

The ministry stressed the kingdom’s condemnation of the attack and that “this terrorist and sabotage act, and other criminal acts directed against vital installations, do not target the Kingdom only, but also target the security of petroleum exports, the stability of energy supplies to the world, and the freedom of global trade.”

She added that the work “targets the global economy as a whole, in addition to affecting maritime navigation, exposing coasts and territorial waters to major environmental disasters as a result of such sabotage acts.”



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