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America warns: the Saudi capital is in danger!

Days after America announced the suspension of its services at its embassy and consulates in Turkey, due to its receipt of reports of possible attacks and kidnappings in Turkey, especially against foreigners, and warned its citizens there, today America issued a new security warning, but to Saudi Arabia, it also warned its citizens there.
In a statement, the American embassy in Saudi Arabia said that it had reports about possible attacks by drones or missiles on the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The embassy continued in its statement directing its words to its citizens: “We must remain alert, take the necessary precautions, and review the embassy in any emergency circumstances.”

The embassy statement mentioned that there are several measures that must be taken, the most prominent of which is “to search immediately for a cover in case you hear a strong explosion or siren sound. If you are in a house or building, then move to the lowest level with the least number of external walls, windows and openings.”
The embassy also called on American citizens in the Kingdom to “close the doors and sit near an inner wall away from any windows or openings.”



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