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Al-Assad: The Syrian army depends on Russian weapons .. The Syrians will rise up because of America and Turkey

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad confirmed that the war in his country is not over yet.
During an interview with the Russian agency “Sputnik”, Assad said in response to a question about whether it can be said that the war in Syria has ended: “No, definitely not. As long as there are terrorists occupying some areas of our country and committing various types of crimes, assassinations and other crimes, the war has not ended.” And I think their operators are keen to make it last for a long time. This is what we think. “

Regarding the most important turning points in this war, Al-Assad said: “There are many turning points that I can mention, not one. The first turning point was in 2013, when we began liberating many areas, especially in central Syria, from the Al-Nusra Front.” Then in 2014, the turning point was in the other direction, when ISIS suddenly appeared, with American support, and occupied a very important part of Syria and Iraq at the same time, and the other turning point was when the Russians came to Syria in 2015, and together we started liberating many areas, At that stage, the turning point was the liberation of the eastern part of Aleppo. Here, the liberation of other areas of Syria began from this point.

He added, “This was important given the importance of Aleppo, and because that was the beginning of the large-scale liberation that later continued to Damascus, and to the rest of Aleppo recently, and then to other areas in the eastern part of Syria and in the southern part. So, these were turning points.” Key, and if you add them together, you will find that all of them are strategic turning points, and all of them have changed the course of this war. “

Regarding the presence of Turkish and American forces in the Syrian territories, Al-Assad said: If the United States and Turkey do not leave Syria, after the terrorists are eliminated, the Syrians will start a popular uprising.

“This is an occupation. In this case, we need to do two things: First, get rid of the pretext that they use for the occupation, that is, the terrorists, in this case, ISIS. Most of the world knows that ISIS was created by the Americans and they support it,” he said. Like any other American force, and we have to get rid of this excuse, so eliminating terrorists in Syria is our top priority, and if the Americans and Turks do not leave after that, then of course, popular resistance will begin and this is the only way. “

“They will not be forced to leave through discussions or international law because it does not exist. There is no other way but resistance, and this is what happened in Iraq. What prompted the Americans to leave in 2007? It was the result of the Iraqi people’s resistance.”
As for the presence of Iranian forces in Syria, Al-Assad denied the presence of any Iranian forces on Syrian lands, stressing that the Iranian presence is represented by military experts.

Al-Assad added in this context: “The Iranian issue is a pretext to continue occupying Syrian lands and support the terrorists, it is used as a mask to conceal their true intentions. The only way for them to implement what they say is when Syria becomes a puppet state in the hands of the United States. This is what they want and nothing else. Another thing they talk about is nothing more than lies and false allegations. Therefore, I do not think that there is any real solution with the Americans as long as they do not want to change their behavior. “

And whether the results of the US elections will be reflected in the review of the US policy towards Syria, Al-Assad said: “We do not usually expect the presence of presidents in the American elections, but rather executive directors because there is a council, and this council consists of pressure groups and major companies such as banks, arms industries, oil and others. Consequently, there is an executive director, and this executive director has neither the right nor the authority to conduct a review, but rather his work is limited to implementation. This is what happened with Trump, when he became president after the elections.
During his meeting, the Syrian President confirmed that the Syrian army is completely dependent on Russian weapons, and that it will be modernized in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Defense.

He added, “Two years ago, we began implementing a plan to modernize our army, and it is clear that we will do this modernization in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Defense, because our army for several decades has been completely dependent on Russian weapons.”
The Syrian President commented on a question about whether Syria is interested in acquiring the S-300 and S-400 systems, that the matter may not necessarily be related to missiles, as there may be other priorities for military-technical cooperation with regard to the “on the ground” conflict.

He said, “We have priorities, we are not necessarily talking about missiles. There may be other priorities at the moment regarding the conflict” on the ground. We have a complete plan, but we must act according to the priorities. “



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