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A shooting near a French church, wounding a priest

It seems that individual terrorist attacks will not stop at any point in France, since the attack in which the French history teacher was killed due to publishing insulting drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, and the French authorities circulating the drawings, such incidents have increased, especially near churches.

In an attack from this day, the French media reported that shooting was heard in the seventh district of Lyon, near the Orthodox Church, while the police imposed a security cordon and special security units arrived in the area.

In turn, the French “BFM” channel, announced that “an Orthodox priest near the Orthodox Church in the seventh district of Lyon was shot at, which led to his serious injury, and the attacker fled.”.

According to the channel, the attack took place when the priest was closing the church, and the attacker shot the priest twice.

Other media reported that the attacker was about forty years old, and he had not been arrested yet.



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