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A senior Pentagon official resigns

After a clash with the White House, James Anderson, the Pentagon Undersecretary for Policy Affairs, resigned, before the White House asked him to do so, which raised questions about a purge of US Defense Department officials after the presidential elections, especially since this step comes one day after Trump dismissed the minister Defense, Mark Esper, over policy disagreements.

This resignation came after a sharp dispute between Anderson and the White House Office of Personnel, and current defense officials and a former defense official had expected Anderson to be the first to depart in the wake of Esper’s expulsion.

Experts believed that this resignation paves the way for Anthony Tata, President Donald Trump candidate for the top policy position, who was retracted due to anti-Islam tweets.

“I am especially grateful that I have been entrusted with the leadership of dedicated men and women of politics, who play a major role in our nation’s security. Now, as always, our long-term success depends on adherence to the Constitution of the United States,” Anderson wrote in the letter.



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