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A new treaty opens Jordanian airspace to Israel

Israel and Jordan signed a new agreement allowing the passage of flights through the airspace of the two countries, which would shorten the travel times between the Gulf countries, Asia and the Far East, in addition to Europe and North America, and contribute to saving fuel, and may also affect the price of flights.

According to the official Israeli media, “The agreement was signed after negotiations that began several years ago by the civil aviation and airport authorities in Israel and Jordan, but it was accelerated and completed after the signing of the peace agreement with the UAE and allowing flights between Israel and the UAE to cross Saudi airspace, where the decision is reduced by hours. Flying between the two countries in the Middle East will take several hours. “

According to the agreement, starting on Friday, Emirates and Bahrain flights, as well as the rest of the world, will be able to fly over Israeli airspace to destinations in Europe and North America, where the agreement was signed in cooperation and coordination with the European Air Transport Organization “Eurocontrol” and the relevant aviation authorities in Israel.



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