A mother with her children brutally tortures a child

The Syrian Ministry of Interior revealed a horrific crime that a woman committed with her children against a small child in Homs, Syria.

In the details, the ministry said: The Deacon Police Department in Homs city received a report that a young child living in the al-Shammas neighborhood was subjected to repeated brutal torture by his father’s wife, called (FA) and her children, while the child’s father was absent from the house.

After she was arrested and brought with her two sons to the police station, and the examination of the child (Khaled A.), born in 2012 by the forensic doctor, it was found that the child was repeatedly tortured, and after interrogation with her, she confessed to having tortured him, as she stripped the child Khaled from his clothes with her son and painted his body with apricot jam And exposing it to the sun on the roof of the building and then taking it to the garden of the house and throwing the hay material (animal feed) on it and forcing him to eat it, and she, in conjunction with her son and daughter, threw dirt and garbage on the child, and her daughter photographed these actions, and upon inspecting her daughter’s cell phone was found inside. On pictures showing and confirming the torture of the child.

The convict, along with her children, represented the crime, and upon completion of the investigation, the arrested were brought to the judiciary, and a video was shown on Syrian television for this horrific crime.



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