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A “historic” agreement between Sudan and America

As a culmination of the Sudanese-American negotiations, and days after Sudan signed a normalization agreement with Israel, and US President Donald Trump announced that Sudan had been removed from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, a historic agreement was announced between Sudan and America.
As the Sudanese Ministry of Justice announced the signing of the agreement that restores Sudan’s sovereign immunity.

In a statement, the Sudanese Justice said: “In the building of the US State Department, a ceremony was held to sign a bilateral agreement between the government of Sudan and the United States government to settle the cases brought against Sudan in the American courts, which include the bombing of the two embassies in Nairobi and Dar Al-Salam.

And the ministry continued in its statement: “In this agreement, the Government of Sudan reaffirmed that Sudan is not responsible for these attacks. the future”..

The statement added, “According to this agreement, Sudan agreed to pay an amount of 335 million dollars to be placed in a joint guarantee account until the United States, on its part, fulfills its obligations to complete the procedures for Sudan to obtain its sovereign immunity after leaving the list of states sponsoring terrorism.” .

According to the ministry’s statement: “According to this agreement, judicial rulings issued against Sudan amounting to more than ten billion dollars to compensate the victims in these cases will be dropped. Future lawsuits against Sudan will also be prevented and its sovereign immunity confirmed, and thus its legal status is like all countries that are not included in List of countries sponsoring terrorism. “



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