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A “fly” grabs the limelight from the two US vice presidential candidates

The statements of the US Vice Presidential candidates, Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, during their debate, did not receive much attention, despite the efforts of the two, and social networking sites did not pay attention to what neither of them said, but they focused their attention on the movement of a fly that was hovering around the podium, which was It is clear from the comments ..

The fly, which landed on Pence’s head for two minutes, turned into a point of discussion and debate on the Internet, and the word “fly” has been re-published and shared 700,000 times on Twitter, since it appeared during the debate, and the Democratic candidate for President Joe Biden got a picture, carrying ” Minsha “flies, on the admiration of more than half a million people when writing the text …

The fly united the two parties in the election campaign, and occupied the first place with comments and description .. the most prominent of which was the comment of one of them as an “American hero,” while another commented that it is perhaps the most memorable thing in this campaign, while the former White House advisor, Killian Conway, demanded That the fly received a ballot paper through the mail, and Senator Rand Paul jokingly commented that this was evidence of espionage, “as the deep state has installed a device to eavesdrop on a penny,” and one of them indicated that the last time a fly appeared in a presidential debate was the day a fly landed On the head of Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the presidency, and he added, “We do not mean here that it is the same fly.”

Not all of the comments were humorous, as the conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wrote that the fly was a way to divert people’s attention from the facts of the debate.

Many created accounts with the word fly, and one of them managed to attract 10,000 followers on Twitter.

And Maryam Webster’s dictionary announced that the word “fly” had become popular on his website.



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