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A final Lebanese decision resolves the Carlos Ghosn file

The Lebanese judiciary settled the file of Carlos Ghosn, the former head of the “Renault-Nissan” complex, taking a decision to stop his prosecution of the crime of entering Israel, based on a notification submitted by 3 lawyers about him after his arrival in Lebanon after fleeing Japan.

According to a judicial source, “the discriminatory Attorney General, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, decided to save the papers and not pursue Ghosn in the crimes attributed to him in terms of entering the enemy’s country and dealing with him economically, due to the passage of the decimal time after the alleged crime,” that is, his fall due to the passage of more than ten years ..

Note that Ghosn defended his visit, which included a meeting with former Israeli President Shimon Peres and other officials. He said that he went in his capacity as “a French according to an agreement signed between Renault and an Israeli company,” and apologized for the visit at the same time.



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