A distinct astronomical phenomenon today on planet Earth

Astronomers announced a distinct astronomical phenomenon that the planet will witness, which can be observed today in the sky and occurs due to the close proximity of a group of planets to the earth and the sun.

Experts referred to the meeting of several large planets next to the moon in a unique scene that lasts for two days. Some likened it to a “meeting of the titans” because it would be clearly visible and large in the sky.

Space magazine, which is specialized in space, said that a group of “very bright” planets unite with the moon to make a beautiful presentation that began yesterday and continues until Friday and Saturday, and several planets move towards orbits very close to the sun and from the earth and become noticeably visible and among these planets Planets Mercury and Venus.

And that Venus will be the brightest and everyone will be able to see it clearly, while Mercury will appear on the other side, but for a short time because it will disappear quickly due to the glow of the sun at sunrise, and this month marks the best morning appearance of Mercury in 2020, and with its proximity to Venus and the Moon It would be relatively easy to watch, creating an amazing show in today’s sky.



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