4 syndromes associated with long-term “corona” patients

A recent scientific study by the British National Institute for Health Research revealed that the long-term “Covid-19” disease, caused by the emerging “Coronavirus, may be accompanied by 4 symptoms that affect patients simultaneously, from breathing, brain, heart and cardiovascular system to the kidneys, intestines and liver And skin ..

According to the study, these symptoms are the result of 4 different syndromes, which are permanent damage to the lungs and heart, post-intensive care syndrome, post-viral fatigue syndrome, and finally the persistence of symptoms of “Covid-19”.

This result was reached after interviewing 14 members of a support group for people suffering from long-term symptoms of “Covid-19” on Facebook.

The study pointed out that “it has become clear that the” Covid-19 “infection for some people is a long-term disease.



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